Jesus, Paul and the Gospels
Jesus, Paul and the Gospels

Jesus, Paul and the Gospels

by James D. G. Dunn

Pages 224
Publisher Eerdmans
Published 5/3/2011
ISBN-13 9780802866455
This compact theological primer from a widely respected scholar offers a well-integrated and illuminating approach to a variety of basic issues in the study of the New Testament:

  • Where, why, and how the Gospels were written and what we should expect from them
  • The reliability and historicity of the Gospel accounts of Jesus' life and ministry
  • The continuing significance of the apostle Paul and his teaching
  • Points of continuity and discontinuity between the teaching of Jesus and of Paul -- and how to bridge the two
In Jesus, Paul, and the Gospels James Dunn has gathered texts from three sets of lectures given in 2009 to Catholic and Jewish audiences in Italy, Spain, and Israel. The resulting book uniquely presents the Gospels to a Jewish audience and Paul to a Catholic audience -- all from a scholarly Protestant perspective. Written to introduce well-informed people to topics that are perhaps new or unfamiliar to them, this book is ideal for readers and students of various backgrounds both within and beyond the Christian community.


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