The Romans Debate: Revised and Expanded Edition
The Romans Debate: Revised and Expanded Edition

The Romans Debate: Revised and Expanded Edition

by eds. Donfried, Karl P.

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Pages 448
Publisher Baker Academic
Published 2/1/1991
ISBN-13 9780801046070
In 1977 a collection of essays appeared that quickly became a standard for studying the purpose and occasion of Romans. Now The Romans Debate: Revised and Expanded Edition is available in a newly designed and enlarged format. Besides the original essays, the new edition includes thirteen of the most cogent, recent articles on this subject; a comprehensive bibliography; and an index. This is not a volume for the "already decided." Spanning the spectrum of interpretation, these essays attempt to challenge opposing views, complement points of consensus, and above all contribute to our understanding of Paul's controversial letter to the Romans. In its own unique way, each of these articles compels the reader to return to the text and to listen anew to the message of Romans both for Paul's day and for ours.


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Phillip J. Long Phillip J. Long June 4, 2012
Including this book instead of another commentary might be a criminal misuse of my prerogative as the list-maker. My reason for including this non-commentary in a list of key commentaries is that the books listed above are noticeably light in introductory matters. Given the importance of the text of Romans, it is understandable that a commentary simply move through the text in order to tease out Paul’s meaning. But each book in this list comes from a perspective theologically and the writers make many assumptions about what Paul says before they approach the text. The Romans Debate collects important articles and book sections on the problems one faces trying to build a “theology of Paul. There are some real classics in this collection, it is well worth the price of the book to have these essays gathered into one place. [Full Review]