Song of Songs: The Book For Daughters
Song of Songs: The Book For Daughters

Song of Songs: The Book For Daughters

by Michael Ben Zehabe

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Pages 348
Published 2012
ISBN-13 9781479389629
Originally written for the author's daughter (who recently married). A gift for those who have given up; are struggling with; or just beginning the journey of love. This gift book is a small package of wisdom from the Bible's matriarchs, who knew how to make love work. Is it preposterous for us to think that we can love someone for a lifetime? Make marriage your top goal--and don't apologize for it! There is no higher earthly ideal than marital love. Holy text enthusiastically advocates a happy, thriving marriage, full of life and fun.


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Literary Sparks Literary Sparks December 26, 2017
This was my biggest surprise of 2017. A relative bought this for me and it sat for months (I dread the subject--too complex). But, great translators have a way of simplifying the complex. Quite organized.
Mike DaVoice Mike DaVoice November 9, 2017
4 stars means a book has anticipated your questions and provided the answers. 5 stars means a book has asked better questions than you ever could have, and answered them. Easy to read, easy to follow. English translation on left side with Hebrew on right side. My favorite.
Jodie Dye Jodie Dye October 31, 2013
The Song of Songs: book for daughters was so very deep indeed. The Hebrew author of this book is a very intelligent man who breaks down each verse in this small book of the Bible into tiny pieces of a puzzle. Then after explaining each piece of the puzzle and how each piece is significant to not only marriage, but life in general, he begins to show you the big picture of how each piece is important to knowing God and His coming redemption. I personally chewed on chunks of wisdom, and meditated on it, by digesting into my soul as I look forward to the growth that it causes in me as I apply the truths I learned from this book to my own life. I would recommend this book to married and single, men and women, and basically anyone who has any sense of a good book.
Jana Wilcox Jana Wilcox September 30, 2013
Our book club read this book a few months back. If tears are any kind of indicator, this is a five star book. We cried in every chapter. Marriage, longing, separation, hoping and love. Good for the heart.
Jeff Kelley Jeff Kelley September 29, 2013
A very courageous translation, but I loved the commentary. I never realized that this was a book directed toward women. Great marital advice. Great life advice.
Zachary Farina Zachary Farina September 26, 2013
Great wedding gift. This is a book every daughter should have (and every wife). Very straightforward for husbands and wives.
RandyBabbs RandyBabbs August 15, 2013
This was a real eye-opener for the man/woman relationship. How do we make relationships work in the REAL world. This was a solid down-to-earth approach.
Nate Gibson Nate Gibson December 27, 2012
I met this author personally at a wedding in Toronto. He was the speaker at the dinner. I'm not religious, but I bought his book. Maybe I am.
Dr. Zeebot Dr. Zeebot December 9, 2012
Quite a unique translation. I like it. Very different approach. Worthy of deeper study, but a delicate commentary on marriage.
Brenda Brenda November 24, 2012
This is what I wanted my father to tell me. This is the first religious book I've ever read that understands a woman's heart. I love this book.
Professor Haber Professor Haber November 17, 2012
Song of Songs is the hardest book in the Bible to translate--well done. Despite having a different religious perspective, I can't debate Michael Ben Zehabe's prowess as a translator. When you can make something sound simple, you have to be good--very good.