Special Studies in Philemon

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All Books on Special Studies in Philemon

Score Cover Author Title Pages Series Year Tags Links
Onesimus Our Brother: Reading Religion, Race, and Slavery in Philemon eds. Johnson, Matthew V.; Noel, James A.; Williams, Demetrius K. 176 2012
Philemon in Perspective: Interpreting a Pauline Letter eds. Tolmie, D. Francois; Friedl, Alfred 360 2010
The Theology of the Shorter Pauline Letters Donfried, Karl P.; Marshall, I. Howard 220 NTT 1993
Exploring Philemon: Freedom, Brotherhood, and Partnership in the New Society Jeal, Roy R. RRA 2015
Hidden with Christ in God: A Theology of Colossians and Philemon McFadden, Kevin W. 112 NTTCr 2023
Philemon: An Introduction and Study Guide Seesengood, Robert 128 SGNT 2017
Philemon Brown, Derek R. LRC 2013

Forthcoming Works

Year Author Title Series
forthcoming Gupta, Nijay K. The Theology of Philippians and Philemon New Testament Theology (Cambridge)
forthcoming Williams, Jarvis J. Colossians and Philemon New Word Biblical Themes: New Testament Series
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