Special Studies in Ezra-Nehemiah

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All Books on Special Studies in Ezra-Nehemiah

Score Cover Author Title Pages Series Year Tags Links
The Theology of the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah Nam, Roger S. OTT 2024
Ezra-Nehemiah: An Introduction and Study Guide Tiemeyer, Lena-Sofia 128 SGOT 2017
Ezra's Social Drama: Identity Formation, Marriage and Social Conflict in Ezra 9 and 10 Moffat, Donald P. 208 LHBOTS 2014
Worlds that Could Not Be: Constructing Utopia in Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah Stordalen, Terje; Snyman, Gerrie; Uhlenbruch, Frauke; Schweitzer, Steven J.; Polaski, Donald C.; Ben Zvi, Ehud; Jendrek, Matthias; Willi, Thomas; Geoghegan, Vincent 224 LHBOTS 2016
Eschatology and the Covenant: A Comparison of 4 Ezra and Romans 1-11 Longenecker, Bruce W. 336 LNTS 2015
The Chronicler’s History Noth, Martin 200 LHBOTS 1997
Samuel, Kings, Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah, Volume 2: Texts @ Contexts eds. Brenner-Idan, Athalya; Lee, Archie C. C. 244 TaC 2023
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