Invitation to Theological Studies

A Series of Introductory Textbooks

The Invitation to Theological Studies (ITS) series offers primary textbooks for introductory courses at evangelical seminaries and graduate schools. The purpose of ITS is to provide the best in evangelical scholarship presented in an attractive and engaging format. “Invitation suggests the works are not only introductory, but also non-intimidating and winsomely presented. Since the textbooks in the ITS series most likely represent the first formal exposure to a respective subject on the graduate level, they are designed to both inform and inspire the student.



? Hutchison, John C.; Way, Kenneth C. Invitation to the Old Testament
? Wilkins, Michael J.; Hultberg, Alan Invitation to the New Testament
? Fanning, Buist M.; Smith, Jay T.; Laansma, Jon C. Invitation to New Testament Greek
? Geivett, R. Douglas Invitation to Christian Apologetics
? McKinion, Steven A. Invitation to Historical Theology
? Blaising, Craig A. Invitation to Christian Theology