History And Hermeneutics
History And Hermeneutics

History And Hermeneutics

by Murray Rae

Pages 176
Publisher T&T Clark
Published 2006
ISBN-13 9780567080929

This work traces its genealogy from classic Greek thought, and argues that the practice of contemporary biblical hermenutics has been radically impaired by a widespread allegiance to a series of problematic assumptions about history. The book offers a theological account of what history is, centred on the categories of creation and divine promise, and proposes that it is within this theological conception of history that the Bible may be understood on its own terms. The book is both critical and constructive, identifying problems in hermeneutics and proposing a way forward. The ecclesial reading of Scripture and the value of tradition are rehabilitated and an account is given of how we may properly ask the Question, 'what really happened?'


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