New Testament Criticism and Interpretation
New Testament Criticism and Interpretation

New Testament Criticism and Interpretation

by Darrell L. Bock, Peter H. Davids, David S. Dockery, Donald A. Hagner, Michael W. Holmes, Scot McKnight, Grant R. Osborne, Aída Besançon Spencer, Mikeal C. Parsons, M. Robert Mulholland Jr., B. Stancil, David E. Garland, David Alan Black, Klyne Snodgrass, Robert B. Sloan, J. W. McCant, Craig L. Blomberg, Thomas D. Lea, and C. R. Wells

Pages 619
Publisher Zondervan
Published 7/1/1991
ISBN-13 9780310519119
This is the first volume published in more than twenty years that is specifically focused on the theology of evangelism in the Wesleyan tradition. It contains essays written by key Methodist leaders from Asia, America, Europe, and Africa, thus offering a wide range of views of the nature and purpose of evangelism in the Weslayen heritage. It also provides focused and stimulating theological reflection. These essays were first presented as a symposium at the Mission Resource Center at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, in February 1992.

  • Table of Contents:
  • Part 1 - Introduction
    • Authority, Hermeneutics, and Criticism - P. H. Davids
    • New Testament Interpretation: Historical Survey - D. S. Dockery
    • New Testament, History, and the Historical-Critical Method - D. A.Hagner
  • Part 2 Basic Methods in New Testament Criticism
    • Textual Critism - M. W. Holmes
    • Source Criticism - S. McKnight
    • Form Criticism - D. L. Beck
    • Redaction Criticism - G. R. Osborne
    • Literary Criticism - A. B. Spencer
    • Canonical Criticism - M. C. Parsons
    • Sociological Criticism - M. R. Mulholland, Jr.
    • Structuralism - B. Stancil
  • Part 3 - Special Issues in New Testament Interpretation
    • Background Studies and New Testament Interpretation - D. E. Garland
    • Study of New Testament Greek in the Light of Ancient and Modern Linguistics - D. A. Black
    • Use of the Old Testament in the New - K. Snodgrass
    • Unity in Diversity: Clue to the Emergence of the New Testament as Sacred Literature - R. B. Sloan
    • Development of Doctrine in the New Testament - J. W. McCant
    • Diversity of Literary Genres in the New Testament - C. L. Blomberg
    • Pseudonymity and the New Testament - T. D. Lea
    • New Testament Interpretation and Preaching - C. R. Wells

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