Exploring Deuteronomy: An Expositional Commentary
Exploring Deuteronomy: An Expositional Commentary

Exploring Deuteronomy: An Expositional Commentary

in Exploring the Bible

by Paul E. Brown

Pages 249
Publisher DayOne Publications
Published 3/1/2008
ISBN-13 9781846251122
Deuteronomy can seem rather formidable at first sight, but it is actually one of the most important books in the Old Testament. It consists almost entirely of words spoken by Moses to the people of Israel as they camp in the plains of Moab next to the river Jordan with the promised land awaiting them on the opposite bank. These are God’s people, whom he has taken into covenant with himself. Moses urges them to go forward by faith into the land that God has set before them. He tells them God’s laws and commandments for their new life in the land, weaving his instructions around the principles enshrined in the Ten Commandments.
In this commentary, Paul Brown demonstrates the sometimes surprising relevance of the regulations of Deuteronomy for the churches and the lives of Christian people today. But such relevance is only to be expected, for God is always the same and all his Word, rightly understood, is profitable to lead us to his grace and to guide us in our living.


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