A Guide to Biblical Hebrew Syntax
A Guide to Biblical Hebrew Syntax

A Guide to Biblical Hebrew Syntax

by Bill T. Arnold and John H. Choi

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Pages 240
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Published 2003
ISBN-13 9780521533485
At the heart of biblical interpretation is the need to read the Bible's "syntax" (the way words, clauses, and sentences relate to each other). The growing demands on theological education have made it difficult for students of the Hebrew Bible (or Old Testament) to master the intermediate-level skills required to interpret the syntax of the Bible's original language. A Guide to Biblical Hebrew Syntax defines the fundamental syntactical features of the Hebrew Bible, and illustrates each feature with at least one example, extracted from the Bible itself and accompanied with English translation.


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Denver Seminary Journal Denver Seminary Journal December 5, 2009
The book contains a clear and brief description of all majore elements of grammar and syntax in biblical Hebrew, including nouns, verbs, particles, clauses and sentences. [Full Review]