The Gospel of Saint Luke
The Gospel of Saint Luke

The Gospel of Saint Luke

in Pelican New Testament Commentaries

by George B. Caird

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Pages 272
Publisher Penguin
Published 1/1/1971
ISBN-13 978-0140204902


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J L Smith J L Smith October 22, 2009
I enjoyed reading this simple commentary. What I really enjoyed was Caird's delivery of unique perspectives when compared with other conservative scholars. He can be outside the box and that is why I rated this book quite high. His thinking has led to a hit and miss commentary. However when he is 'bang on' with some of his alternative thinking, some real gems gleam from the pages. Other times you think to yourself 'not even close'. He is an excellent writer who uses vibrant and colourful language to portray his points. Overall it is an excellent companion commentary.