Instruction and Imagery in Proverbs 1-9
Instruction and Imagery in Proverbs 1-9

Instruction and Imagery in Proverbs 1-9

by Stuart Weeks

Pages 280 pages
Publisher Oxford University Press
Published 2007
ISBN-13 9780199291540
A detailed examination of Proverbs 1-9, an early Jewish poetic work. Stuart Weeks incorporates studies of literature from ancient Egypt and from the Dead Sea scrolls, but his focus is on the background and use of certain key images in the text. Proverbs 1-9 belongs to an important class of biblical literature (wisdom literature), and is less well known as a whole than the related books of Job and Ecclesiastes, partly because it has been viewed until recently as a dull and muddled school-book. However, parts of it have been profoundly influential on the development of both Judaism and Christianity, and occupy a key role in modern feminist theology. Weeks demonstrates that those parts belong to a much broader and more intricate set of ideas than older scholarship allowed.


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