Genesis to Leviticus
Genesis to Leviticus


in New Interpreter's Bible

by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

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Pages 5 pages
Publisher Abingdon Press
Published 1994
ISBN-13 9780687278145


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From a more evangelical perspective.
Kaiser's contribution to the NIB on Leviticus is probably one of the better expositions of this book. It's unusual for the series in being written by one of the most conservative evangelicals among Old Testament scholarship. The series tends to be moderately critical, and Kaiser doesn't really fit that mold. One nice thing about buying this volume is that you also get Terence Fretheim's Genesis commentary and Walter Brueggeman's commentary on Exodus. Both have received very good reviews as top expositions of those books from the more critical camp. The biggest downside of this series is that the volumes are extremely expensive for purchase and can't be checked out of most libraries due to being classified as reference materials. No other commentary series I know of is like that. It probably would even make interlibrary loan extremely difficult. Unless you want to buy it, I would thus not recommend this over some of the following expositional commentaries, and I suggest buying it only if you really want all three commentaries in the volume. [Full Review]