Moody Handbook of Theology
Moody Handbook of Theology

Moody Handbook of Theology

by Paul P. Enns

4.75 Rank Score: 4.85 from 2 reviews, 0 featured collections, and 3 user libraries
Pages 702 pages
Publisher Moody Publishers
Published 1989
ISBN-13 9780802434289


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Zach Olson Zach Olson August 23, 2022
Read this for an introductory doctrine/systematic theology class, and it is quite good! Not the best, but certainly up there with McGrath and Grudem.
Tim Elmore Tim Elmore December 23, 2014
This is not a systematic theology, but is a "must have" for any student or pastor. The book handles theological definitions and trends in order to both understand their origin and their reasonable consequences. It is lightly Reformed, but, although often in a constructively critical manor, shares the views of other schools of thought. It functions as dictionary of Christian thought that offers a better understanding of 1. What theological schools teach. 2. Who contributed to the formations of and perpetuations of these schools. 3. What the reasonable consequences of such teachings have been or could prove to be. These are all valuable discussions that are brilliantly organized. Though it may be of little consequence, the dedication in the books revised edition is touching and impactful.