1 Chronicles
1 Chronicles

1 Chronicles

by Ralph W. Klein

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Pages 562 pages
Publisher Fortress Press
Published 6/1/2006
ISBN-13 9780800660857


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In the last twenty years, study of the book of Chronicles has flourished: dozens of monographs and articles have been published, as well as at least twenty commentaries (Braun, 1986; Becker, 1986, 1988; Kiel, 1986 [Hebrew]; Dillard, 1987; Eisemann, 1987; Wilcock, 1987; De Vries, 1989; Willi, 1991; Japhet, 1993; Thompson, 1994; Selman, 1994; Galil et al., 1995 [Hebrew]; Johnstone, 1998; Allen, 1999; Tuell, 2001; Jarick, 2002; McKenzie, 2004; Knoppers, 2004; Dirksen, 2005; and Klein, 2006); several more commentaries are in progress (including Klein’s and Knoppers’s volumes on 2 Chronicles; Z. Talshir, 1 and 2 Chronicles, Mikra Leyisra’el [Hebrew]; and Wright, 1 and 2 Chronicles, Berit Olam). Klein’s commentary is the most important of these studies and is a great achievement even in comparison with the excellent commentaries of Japhet, Knoppers, McKenzie, Willi, and Williamson. It opens with an introduction, followed by a well-organized close reading of the book that is divided into literary units; each unit begins with a translation of the text, followed by three main sections (text, structure, and detailed commentary), and sealed with a conclusion. Klein has scrutinized every aspect of this book, particularly its first nine chapters, which are among the most complicated and obscure in the Bible. This is a systematic commentary that should serve as a model for every commentator for its methodology, originality, depth of discussion, and respect for previous scholarship. [Full Review]