1 and 2 Kings
1 and 2 Kings

1 and 2 Kings

in NIV Application Commentary

by August H. Konkel

4 Rank Score: 4.28 from 2 reviews, 1 featured collections, and 7 user libraries
Pages 704 pages
Publisher Zondervan
Published 12/1/2006
ISBN-13 9780310211297


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Designed to give a clear understanding of the text’s exegetical meaning, its significance in light of biblical theology, and its relevance for contemporary application. This commentary for example provides an explanation of the temple structure, the significance of its symbolism, and how this symbolism is used in the New Testament to describe the role and function of the church. Longman says, “Readable and insightful, Konkel has produced a commentary on Kings that appeals particularly to pastors who want to preach the text.” [Full Review]
armchairtheologian armchairtheologian January 1, 2020
Konkel is well-versed in Ancient Near Eastern history and archeology, and he does a nice job of commenting on not just the Hebrew but also the Greek texts of Kings when discussing textual difficulties. But the "Bridging the Gap" and "Contemporary Significance" sections usually fall flat (with a couple happy exceptions, especially when he discusses the temple). The writing is also choppy and disjointed, and sometimes seems like a random list of facts.