Philippians and Philemon
Philippians and Philemon

Philippians and Philemon

in Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary

by Todd D. Still

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Pages 244
Publisher Smyth & Helwys
Published 2011
ISBN-13 9781573120845
In this commentary on Philippians & Philemon, Pauline specialist Todd D. Still turns his learned attention to both a deeply loved letter (Philippians) and a frequently overlooked letter (Philemon) of Paul. With clarity and care, Still lays bare the meaning of these letters along lexical and socio-historical lines. What is more, the author is attentive to the rhetorical features, theological dimensions, and the pastoral possibilities of these texts. Still seeks to think Paul's thoughts after him and to capture the Apostle's affection for a beloved congregation and a recently converted slave. Written by caring and accomplished scholars with all students of Scripture in mind, this innovative series makes quality Bible study more accessible. Pastors, professors and students of Scripture are discovering that this commentary provides wonderful new tools for enhancing interpretation: informative sidebars, a wealth of fine art visuals, and a searchable CD containing the digital version of the entire work.


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