Prophet of the Coming Day, The message of Joel
Prophet of the Coming Day, The message of Joel

Prophet of the Coming Day, The message of Joel

in Welwyn Commentary Series

by O. Palmer Robertson

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Pages 112 pages
Publisher Evangelical Press
Published 2/1/1996
ISBN-13 9780852343357


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PastorTimothy72 PastorTimothy72 July 27, 2021
I have become a collector of commentaries ever since my seminary days in the 1990s. As such, I am only going to recommend the best overall commentary for each book of the Bible on this site. (Before each minor prophet recommendation, let me first say that every preacher/teacher should have a copy of James Montgomery Boice's two volume set on the Minor Prophets on his/her bookshelf. That's the starting point, in my opinion). For Joel on its own, I would take Robertson. No, it is not remotely technical or academic, but it is engaging and practical. Therefore, as a preaching and teaching resource, I believe it proves most accessible.
Also written at an accessible introductory level is the commentary by O. Palmer Robertson. Robertson places the book in the late ninth or early eighth century, in the very early pre-exilic period. He appears also to take the majority view of chapter 1, seeing the description of the locust plague as a reference to literal locusts. Robertson's commentary should be supplemented by his thoughts on the book in his more recent Christ of the Prophets. [Full Review]