Non-Western or BIPOC


in New Covenant Commentary Series

by Jarvis J. Williams

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Pages 234
Publisher Wipf & Stock
Published 3/1/2020
ISBN-13 9781498288804
Jarvis Williams' commentary on Galatians is a commentary of one of Paul's most rhetorically charged and polemically sharp letters. Williams writes a commentary of the letter, not a commentary of commentaries. He grounds the letter in grammatical-historical exegesis, seeking to help readers understand Paul's Greco-Roman and Second Temple Jewish context of the letter. Additionally, the book seeks to move from exegesis to application in a few places in the commentary. The strength of the commentary is that it offers a lucid and concise exegesis grounded in Paul's first century context and applicable for twenty-first century readers.


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Williams’ outstanding commentary makes Galatians accessible to the ordinary reader. He converses with the ancient world from which Galatians was born and modern discussions of the letter. Readers will profit from his careful exegesis, understanding of Paul’s theology, and contemporary application. [Full Review]