Non-Western or BIPOC


in New Covenant Commentary Series

by Diane G. Chen

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Pages 380
Publisher Wipf & Stock
Published 8/31/2017
ISBN-13 9781620324394
In this highly readable and engaging commentary on the Gospel of Luke, Diane Chen introduces her readers to the particularities of the world of Jesus, steeped in Jewish history and convictions yet threatened by Roman power and hegemony. In story after story, Chen brings to focus the diligence of a faithful historian, the artistry of a masterful storyteller, and the courage of an insightful theologian behind this well-loved Gospel. In it Luke presents God’s plan of salvation in the birth and death, word and deed, and identity and mission of Jesus of Nazareth—a plan that is unapologetically counterintuitive: the proud is humbled and the lowly is lifted up; the ostracized is embraced and the religious elite is rejected. Modern readers will receive more than a lucid explanation of the biblical text; they will be challenged to find their own place in Jesus’ story, one that encourages self-reflection and necessitates a personal response.  


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Chen’s commentary helps readers understand the world in which Jesus lived—one steeped in Jewish history and convictions, yet threatened by Roman power and culture. Chen’s interpretation will help readers fuse scriptural and modern horizons, and see both life and ministry applications. [Full Review]