in Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament

by Buist M. Fanning

5 Rank Score: 5.26 from 4 reviews, 1 featured collections, and 4 user libraries
Pages 624
Publisher Zondervan
Published 5/5/2020
ISBN-13 9780310244172


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AlfredoVelazquez AlfredoVelazquez February 27, 2024
Este comentario es excelente. Mantiene una perspectiva Dispensacionalista Progresiva. Aunque el autor trabaja con la exégesis y el texto griego, sin dejar a un lado las literaturas del judaísmo del segundo templo, siempre mantiene una perspectiva conservadora y cita fuentes actualizadas que nos guían a un estudio más profundo del libro de Apocalipsis. Creo que el libro esta muy balanceado, manteniendo un enfoque premilenial y abogando por un pretribulacionismo sin tener que hacer un caso o defensa de la postura, sino que deja que el texto fluya solo y se percobe como todo va encajando a la perfección. Al final, creo que este libro es una obra de arte. El mejor comentario de Apocalipsis que he leído. [Full Review]
BrianCollins BrianCollins September 29, 2023
Fanning's commentary on Revelation is now my preferred commentary on the book, edging out Grant Osborne's Baker Exegetical commentary. It is the best futurist, premillennial commentary on the market. Fanning is sober in his judgments, provides helpful and informed comments on the Greek text in the footnotes, and is lucid and brief for the sake of the pastor. Fanning is also informed about genre, typology, and hermeneutics. His introduction is invaluable in that regard For those who come to Revelation as an idealist or preterist, this and Osborne are the two futurist commentaries they should consult, and if they can only consult one, it should be Fanning. [Full Review]
Robert N Houston Robert N Houston June 20, 2022
As a "layman," I have always been intimidated by Revelation. I have several commentaries - all highly "rated." I bought Fanning's book because I wanted to "check out" the ZECNT series. far.. I love it! The quality of the book is excellent. And Fanning's writing is clear and not in the least intimidating. Don't let the author's pedigree or descriptions of the book as "mid level or higher" keep you from purchasing the book. If someone who tends to shy away from "difficult texts" can find them not-so-difficult with the help of the Holy Spirit and an excellent commentary, so can you! And this commentary is excellent! Thank you Buist! I call "scholars" by their first name - not out of disrespect but because we are all saved the same way by the same person! Amen.
PaulTanner PaulTanner August 27, 2021
Buist Fanning's commentary on Revelation is definitely one of the five best commentaries on this book available. Having taught Greek at the graduate level for many years, his insights from the Greek text are precise and profound. Since Revelation draws so heavily upon Old Testament allusions, the reader will receive excellent insight into these important intertextual connections. Although my own understanding of Rev 17-18 differs from his, I would concur with his interpretation of most of the book. In line with this, I would applaud his commitment to a premillennial perspective of the book. Finally, not only does he provide insightful commentary on every verse of the book, but he is obviously aware of current research on Revelation and references that judiciously. This commentary is highly recommended.