in Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament

by David E. Garland

4.67 Rank Score: 5.21 from 3 reviews, 2 featured collections, and 10 user libraries
Pages 1040
Publisher Zondervan
Published 12/26/2011
ISBN-13 9780310243595
Luke is the fifth release in the Zondervan Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament series---the only commentary series with a graphical display, theology in application section and identification of the main idea for each section. Luke sought to assure believers about the truth of the gospel (1:4) and to advance their understanding of God's ways in the world as revealed in Christ's ministry, death, and resurrection. Luke wrote as a historian, theologian, and pastor, and Garland's commentary strives to follow suit in assisting those who will preach and teach the text and those who seek to understand it better. The commentary presents a translation through a diagram that helps visualize the flow of thought, provides a summary of the central message of the passages, reveals how they function within the gospel, and offers an exegetical outline and verse-by-verse commentary that takes notice of Jewish and Greco-Roman background evidence that sheds light on the text. Christians interpret the Bible to make sense of their lived experience, and the commentary highlights theological emphases of each passage and applies them to the everyday struggles of faith and practice.


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Garland’s 1,000-plus-page commentary is user-friendly and an all-around gem despite its length. It adheres tightly to the ZECNT series format, and uses enough Greek that it belongs in this category though others without language knowledge can benefit from it as well. Garland consistently lands on the most persuasive approach to contested issues. His commentary is simultaneously strong at the exegetical level and helpful at the homiletical level. Tabb says, “Garland frequently references primary sources like Josephus and the Mishnah and notes important secondary sources while maintaining focused on the biblical text.” [Full Review]
Warren Truesdale Warren Truesdale March 31, 2019
Garland is a skilled interpreter and writer. He has written several outstanding commentaries and this one is no different. Garland argues that Luke is writing scriptural narrative, “Luke does not regard the new as discontinuous with the past…Luke presents the scriptural story and its themes as culminating in Jesus.” (37) He draws this out throughout the commentary. Garland understands the concept of the Kingdom in an ‘already not yet’ lens, and consistently discusses the tensions in the story in regard to this motif. [Full Review]
Abram K-J Abram K-J July 7, 2012
Some unique contributions to Luke studies. See my full review at the link provided. [Full Review]