Galatians: A Handbook on the Greek Text
Galatians: A Handbook on the Greek Text

Galatians: A Handbook on the Greek Text

in Baylor Handbook on the Greek New Testament

by David A. deSilva

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Pages 195
Publisher Baylor University Press
Published 11/15/2014
ISBN-13 9781602583177
David deSilva treats Galatians as a specimen of rhetoric, a letter written not merely to inform, but to persuade. Galatians draws on deSilva’s expertise in rhetorical criticism to demonstrate how Paul makes particular language choices to shape his argument and accomplish his distinctive purposes. deSilva’s expert analysis guides students not only through the grammar of Galatians but also through the linguistic challenges of New Testament Greek.

This handbook is a must-have for students wishing to master Greek in the context of New Testament studies.


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