Revelation 1-7 Commentary
Revelation 1-7 Commentary


in Wycliffe Exegetical Commentary

by Robert L. Thomas

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Revelation 1-7 Commentary
Pages 524 pages
Publisher Moody Publishers
Published 1992
ISBN-13 9780802492654
Revelation 8-22 Commentary
Pages 720 pages
Publisher Moody Publishers
Published 1995
ISBN-13 9780802492678


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Mjrini Mjrini July 23, 2021
Excellent commentary on the Book of Revelation, perhaps the best there is. I am extremely impressed with the level of depth and detail included in this commentary. I think that this is a "Must Have" Commentary for any serious student of the Book of Revelation.
Christopher L. Scott Christopher L. Scott December 17, 2016
I've been using this for our small group study on the book of Revelation. This is the most in-depth commentary I have used for the book of Revelation. Very good and very thorough.
Robert M. Bowman, Jr Robert M. Bowman, Jr December 10, 2016
Dispensational premillennial (futurist); perhaps the best commentary from this perspective. [Full Review]
Jonathan C. Jonathan C. November 1, 2008
The Book of Revelation is one of Dr. Thomas' strengths. In this commentary, the reader becomes aware of this fact rather quickly. While the commentary definitely has the feel of a more technical one, it is not unnecessarily complicated. Even with a limited knowledge of Greek, this reviewer benefited greatly from Thomas' discussions on the Greek text. He gives his own translation and does an excellent job with the Greek text. In his discussions of almost every issue, he notes varying viewpoints without prejudice. After discussing the views, he will reveal his view and why he holds to it. Unlike some commentators, he makes it clear which view he prefers. It is by far the best premillennial commentary on the Book of Revelation to date.