Genesis: Beginning and Blessing
Genesis: Beginning and Blessing

Genesis: Beginning and Blessing

in Preaching the Word

by R. Kent Hughes

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Pages 704 pages
Publisher Crossway
Published 2004
ISBN-13 9781581346299


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Brian Richards Brian Richards September 14, 2012
In typical fashion, R. Kent Hughes blends relevant application with solid exposition. Many commentaries on Genesis are filled with technical language that only benefits a few. Hughes recognizes that most pastors and laypersons don't need the extra jargon, they just need the truth of God's Word presented in a way that challenges the lives of its hearers. This is a fantastic commentary for teachers of the Bible.
Joel R. Beeke Joel R. Beeke April 15, 2012
The book of Genesis lays the groundwork for God’s relationship with humanity and his plan for our salvation. R. Kent Hughes explores this book with the care and insight that are the hallmarks of the Preaching the Word series. [Full Review]