1 & 2 Kings
1 & 2 Kings

1 & 2 Kings

in Holman Old Testament Commentary

by Gary Inrig

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Pages 400 pages
Publisher Broadman & Holman
Published 10/1/2003
ISBN-13 9780805494679


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Qoheleths observation that of making many books there is no end is no doubt true of the Bible commentary industry today. Commentaries are now available at many different levels and in different formats. The volume under review is part of a series known as the Holman Old Testament Commentary edited by Max Anders. Curiously, it is Anderss name that is found on the spine rather than the authors. The se ries is clearly a conservative evangelical concern aimed at pastors, teachers, and laypersons. It does not claim to be academic and would seem to be aimed at people such as Sunday school teachers of youth and adult classes. Each section of the work follows a pattern that includes an opening quotation followed by an introductory illustration. A summary called In a Nutshell indicates the content of the chapter. There follows a verse-by-verse commentary and applications of the text to modern situations that might be expected to face the contemporary reader or Bible-class member. A brief prayer is included before Deeper Discoveries are investigated; these may take a closer look at a particular word or theme that is considered to be important. A teaching outline is found at the end of the chapter to help the Bible-class teacher. These tend to be very brief and add little. A short glossary of theological and other terms is found at the end of the book; the explanations are brief and sometimes simplistic. There is also a selective bibliography of mainly conservative works. [Full Review]