The Pentateuch
The Pentateuch

The Pentateuch

in Interpreting Biblical Texts

by Terence E. Fretheim

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Pages 183 pages
Publisher Abingdon Press
Published 1996
ISBN-13 9780687008421


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Fretheim and Brueggeman are two of the biggest heroes of popular-level commentary writing for what some call the religious left. Fretheim is an open theist, and I think that mars his work considerably. Others, of course, will find that welcome. He certainly does reflect on theology, though, and that's something a lot of critical scholars don't do as much of. This volume begins with some essays on the Bible as an introduction to the series. I would describe them as moderately-critical in perspective. It also includes Brueggeman on Exodus and conservative evangelical Walter Kaiser on Leviticus. [Full Review]