Matthew 1: 1–7
Matthew 1: 1–7
Matthew 1: 1–7


in Hermeneia

by Ulrich Luz

5 Rank Score: 5.48 from 2 reviews, 2 featured collections, and 8 user libraries
Matthew 1: 1–7
Pages 436 pages
Publisher Fortress Press
Published 2007
ISBN-13 9780800660994
Matthew 2: 8–20
Pages 646
Publisher Fortress Press
Published 2001
ISBN-13 9780800660345
Matthew 3: 21–28
Pages 681 pages
Publisher Augsburg Fortress Press
Published 2005
ISBN-13 9780800637705


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A.E. Carnehl A.E. Carnehl January 19, 2017
This is simply one of the most thorough and brilliant Matthew commentaries currently available. Luz, while still closely dealing with the Greek text, includes an incredibly learned review of Matthew's reception history throughout the Church's life. It is just a tour-de-force of exegesis, Church history, and even art history - a volume that certainly will not disappoint the exegete who feels a strong connection with past Christian interpreters.