in Westminster Bible Companion

by Susan E. Hylen and Gail R. O'Day

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Pages 288 pages
Publisher Westminster John Knox Press
Published 2006
ISBN-13 9780664252601
The Gospel of John is one of the most beloved books in the Christian canon. Its stories and images have long captured the imaginations of Christians. Not only is it one of the most popular writings of the New Testament, but many aspects of its style and outlook are distinctive. In this clear, thorough, and accessible commentary on the Gospel of John, scholars Gail O’Day and Susan Hylen explore and explain the Gospel’s distinctive qualities. This accessible study of the Gospel of John is written for clergy and laypeople who wish to deepen their understanding of the Fourth Gospel. It is informed by the best contemporary scholarship on John but is free of obscure details and jargon.


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Tyler Tankersley Tyler Tankersley September 22, 2012
There were a few extremely helpful insights in Hylen & O'Day's commentary on the text. Two particularly stood out for me: (1.) "'Eternal life' does not speak of immortality or a future life in heaven, but is a metaphor for living now in the unending presence of God" [45]; (2.) They effectively argue that the Johannine literature's metaphor of Jesus as the "Lamb of God" ought to be reexamined alongside Exodus 12, in which the lamb was not an atoning sacrifice, but a commemorative one (30). However, I found most of the commentary fairly dry in its analysis.