1 Peter
1 Peter

1 Peter

in Abingdon New Testament Commentaries

by M. Eugene Boring

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Pages 220 pages
Publisher Abingdon Press
Published 4/1/1999
ISBN-13 9780687058549
Identifying the theme of 1 Peter as how the church is to witness responsibly in a non-Christian world, Boring emphasizes the necessity of a sympathetic historical understanding of those parts of the letter that collide with modern cultural values and understandings of what Christian commitment and theology require. He gives special attention, as well, to the narrative world within which this ancient writer operated, and to the strong affirmation of ecumenism implicit in the letter's amalgamation of traditions stemming from Peter and Paul, respectively.


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G Ware G Ware May 17, 2019
Deeper than your average pastoral commentary, but still very much relevant for preaching. This is a very engaging, astute, and all-around solid commentary. Exposition is done on pericope sized chunks rather than verse by verse which helps highlight the flow of the overall text.