in Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary

by Terence E. Fretheim

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Pages 684 pages
Publisher Smyth & Helwys
Published 6/1/2002
ISBN-13 9781573120722
The book of Jeremiah is the longest book in the Bible (in terms of words and verses) and is certainly one of the most complex. Yet for all of its difficulty, the book’s depth of reflection on divine action and human response, as well as the range and rigor of its rhetoric, has kept the book very much alive in the religious communities that recognize its canonical stature. Indeed, its language of "new covenant" has left its mark on the very name of the larger biblical collection to which it belongs. Jeremiah is a commentary on a prophetic book that presents many difficult literary, historical, and theological issues for the reader. After a lengthy introduction, this commentary works with sections as a whole, rather than proceeding verse by verse. The commentary focuses on literary and theological issues with the added intention of providing thoughtful reflections for those who would preach and teach these texts. In this volume of the highly successful Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary Series, renowned Old Testament scholar Terence Fretheim expertly leads his readers through the difficulties to find the book of Jeremiah as one of grace and hope for today's world.


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Longman gives gives full marks to Fretheim’s commentary. He says, “This is an extremely well-written commentary with an emphasis on Jeremiah as literature and theology, though there is attention to critical issues and history as well. . . . Fretheim’s approach will appeal to both conservative and critically minded readers.” [Full Review]
Fernando Fernando September 27, 2020
I like this a lot. Well written, attentive to theological implications, and careful. My favorite on Jeremiah. (Longman is right!)
A fine theological commentary on Jeremiah and the God of Jeremiah