in Smyth & Helwys Bible Commentary

by Milton P. Horne

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Pages 578 pages
Publisher Smyth & Helwys
Published 2003
ISBN-13 9781573120692
Drawing from the most recent scholarly studies in the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, these commentaries incorporate a reading of the books with a view toward connectivity and theological reflection. In addition to the imaginative artwork used for illustration, readers will find a broad appeal to contemporary literature and authors as touchstones for applied reflection. Because of its use of universal concepts and images and the absence of references to the particularistic appeal to ancient Israel's nationalistic story, these books from the wisdom literature of the Hebrew Bible may be some of the most relevant Biblical writing for the contemporary setting. For this reason readers are invited to recontextualize, through the perspectives of contemporary literatures, the wise council of Israel's ancient sages.


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John Dyer John Dyer July 8, 2008
Horne's commentary may not be a first choice, but offers a few distinct features that make it a great companion volume, especially for preachers and teachers. First, rather than commenting on individual proverbs, much of the work focuses on units of proverbs (sometimes as few as two, but often 5-10) that are thematically related. This is helpful for uncovering some of the reasons why the compiler of the Proverbs might have put the proverbs in the order he did. Second, Horne includes nice historical background including images of items removed from our culture (such as a set of scales: Prov 16:11).