in Daily Study Bible

by Peter C. Craigie

4.5 Rank Score: 4.78 from 4 reviews, 0 featured collections, and 2 user libraries
Pages 336 pages
Publisher Westminster John Knox
Published 7/14/2006
ISBN-13 9780664245740


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While slightly dated, Craigie’s commentary is a clear and approachable introduction to the book of Ezekiel. The book is unashamedly evangelical. It makes numerous connections with the New Testament. [Full Review]
Robert N Houston Robert N Houston May 21, 2022
Peter Craigie's commentary is brief, insightful, and readable. Great for private devotion or for a newbie to Ezekiel. Highly recommended.
Good example of a devotional commentary that incorporates serious exegesis. Evangelical. [Full Review]