in Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible

by Christopher R. Seitz

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Pages 240
Publisher Brazos Press
Published 10/1/2014
ISBN-13 9781587433016
The Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible advances the assumption that the Nicene creedal tradition, in all its diversity, provides the proper basis for the interpretation of the Bible as Christian scripture. The series encourages readers to extend the vital roots of the ancient Christian tradition to our day.

In this addition to the acclaimed series, renowned scholar Christopher Seitz offers a theological exegesis of Colossians, bringing his expertise in canonical criticism to bear on his interpretation of this Pauline letter. As with other volumes in the series, the book is ideal for those called to ministry.


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Fernando Fernando September 27, 2020
This one is fun! Seitz takes Pauline authorship seriously, so he needs to construct a scenario explaining how Paul came to write the letter. He does this with verve and real insight. Along the way, he argues that there was no “Colossian heresy”. His commentary is full of insight, attentive to the Old Testament background (of course, since Seitz is an OT theologian), and simply delightful to read and think about.