Psalms 1–50
Psalms 1–50

Psalms 1–50

in Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible

by Ellen T. Charry

Pages 320
Publisher Brazos Press
Published 10/15/2015
ISBN-13 9781587431579
The biblical psalms are perhaps the most commented-upon texts in human history. They are at once deeply alluring and deeply troubling. In this addition to the acclaimed Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible, Ellen Charry offers a theological reading of Psalms 1–50, exploring the various voices in the poems to discern the conversation they engage about God, suffering, and hope as well as ways of community belonging. The commentary examines the context of the psalms as worship--tending to both their original setting and their subsequent Jewish and Christian appropriation--and explores the psychological dynamics facing the speaker. The book includes a foreword by William Brown.


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