The Letter to the Hebrews [Plagiarism Acknowledged]
The Letter to the Hebrews [Plagiarism Acknowledged]

The Letter to the Hebrews [Plagiarism Acknowledged]

in Pillar New Testament Commentary

by Peter T. O'Brien

4.2 Rank Score: 4.86 from 5 reviews, 1 featured collections, and 19 user libraries
Pages 600 pages
Publisher Eerdmans
Published 2010
ISBN-13 9780802837295
N.B. In 2016, accusations of plagiarism were leveled against several works by Australian New Testament scholar Peter T. O'Brien. After a careful investigation by the respective publishers, it was concluded that—whether intentional or not—the volumes in question failed to conform to the appropriate standards for the use and documentation of secondary resources. Following this conclusion, the decision was made to immediately remove the works from print and destroy the remaining stock. This particular monograph is included among those works. The official statements from the three publishers of O'Brien's works can be found here: Eerdmans; Zondervan; InterVarsity Press.


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Tim Challies Tim Challies October 7, 2013
Hebrews is well served with excellent commentaries ranging from the popular-level to the very technical. Published just three years ago, O’Brien’s commentary is regarded as about the best of the bunch. (You may remember that O’Brien has also written excellent commentaries on Paul’s prison epistles.) This volume is appropriate for nearly any reader and will reward with rich commentary and insightful application. D.A. Carson says, “It would be difficult to find a more helpful guide than Dr. O’Brien, or a guide better endowed with his combination of competence and genial wisdom.” [Full Review]
Borg Borg April 19, 2013
O'Brien has given a useful and helpful commentary. I found the first half to be excellent and theologically potent. When he began to deal with the New Covenant, I thought the commentary began to lose its potent edge. I appreciate O'Brien and his work. This commentary is a useful addition to the relationship between BT and exegesis. This will certainly become a standard commentary to consult on Hebrews.
Brian Tabb Brian Tabb September 6, 2012
O'Brien is a superb commentator, as evidenced by his earlier treatments of Philippians, Colossians-Philemon, and Ephesians. This commentary, which is rigorously exegetical, theologically balanced, and eminently readable, joins Lane's one of the go-to works on Hebrews. I agree with Bateman's conclusion in his recent review: "Of all the critical commentaries I have read on the Book of Hebrews, O’Brien’s is well thought out, well written, and without question preeminent" (JETS 54.2 (2011): p. 406).
Jordan Jordan August 15, 2011
O'Brien's commentary is truly just as good as Lane's, and more readable at that! I could not more highly recommend this commentary on Hebrews.