The Letter to the Philippians
The Letter to the Philippians

The Letter to the Philippians

in Pillar New Testament Commentary

by G. Walter Hansen

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Pages 396 pages
Publisher Eerdmans
Published 10/15/2009
ISBN-13 9780802837370
In this commentary G. Walter Hansen offers rich exposition of the text of Philippians as well as wisdom and maturity in its application. In so doing he emphasizes partnership--the social and corporate dimensions of community--in the progress of the gospel.

After a select bibliography, Hansen's introduction sets forth the historical setting of the church in Philippi, the nature and occasion of the letter, and a preview of two key themes--the gospel of Christ and the community in Christ. The commentary itself discusses Philippians in light of these themes, considering Paul's greetings, reports of gospel ministry, imperatives for citizens worthy of the gospel, recommendations of two Christ-like servants, and disclosures of his personal experience. Hansen's treatment as a whole is distinctive for the way it draws out and highlights the themes of partnership, citizenship, and friendship in Paul's Philippian letter.


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A balanced commentary written by a scholar who has also served as a local church pastor. Hansen’s commentary is a sure guide for interpreters. He tends toward traditional conclusions with respect to the highly disputed passages (e.g., Phil. 2:5–11; 3:9–10), but he always shows courtesy to theological opponents.
Andy Andy December 9, 2023
This commentary by Walter Hansen is a valuable resource. His work is more extensiv than Moisés Silvas BECNT commentary, so you find information on most of the questions that arise from the text. Hansen – for my estimation – to often discusses the opinion of other scholars which made the reading not always equally fruitful. Nevertheless, I was able to get much help from this commentary and I recommend using it.
transfer transfer July 8, 2017
I think this commentary is a little bit devalued. It has a good grammatical exegesis and theological interpretation. Furthermore pastoral and appropriately technical. Highly recommend.
G Ware G Ware March 6, 2015
A very good mid-level commentary. Hansen interacts graciously with the New Perspective, even integrating a few important insights from that camp, but still affirms the traditional reformed reading of Paul. A solid resource for anyone looking for an English based commentary (uses transliteration of Greek words, and doesn't get into grammar).
Greg Jenks Greg Jenks December 4, 2010
In the spirit of the Pillar Commentary Series, I have found this commentary well written and thorough.