Matthew 1–13
Matthew 1–13
Matthew 1–13


in Word Biblical Commentary

by Donald A. Hagner

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Matthew 1–13
Pages 486
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Published 1/1/1993
ISBN-13 9780849902321
Matthew 14–28
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Published 1/1/1993
ISBN-13 9780849910968


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G Ware G Ware April 16, 2019
Top notch technical commentary, which follows the less-than-ideal format. I prefer France, but Hagner's more detailed intro and technical examination make a great alternative, deeper, commentary.
JD JD January 3, 2013
Solid, but unremarkable. I think there are better Matthew commentaries out there.
Phillip J. Long Phillip J. Long May 22, 2012
Hagner’s contribution to the Word Biblical series follows the pattern of the whole series. Each pericope begins with a detailed bibliography, followed by a translation with textual notes and a form / structure section. It is in this section that Hagner treats synoptic issues, leaving the commentary to a detailed examination of the Greek text of Matthew. Greek is not transliterated or translated, making the commentary less accessible for those without Greek. Hagner uses the literature of the Second Temple Period as the context for Jesus as a teacher. The Word series concludes each pericope with an “explanation,” usually brief reflections on the contribution of the section to the overall theological themes of Matthew’s gospel. My suspicion is that most pastors will skip over the details and read only the commentary and explanation sections. Perhaps Hagner’s introduction to the gospel the best of the commentaries surveyed here. [Full Review]
Scot McKnight Scot McKnight April 20, 2009
My second recommendation is by Don Hagner, the Word Biblical Commentary. [Full Review]
John Glynn John Glynn September 20, 2008