Job 1–20
Job 1–20
Job 1–20


in Word Biblical Commentary

by David J. A. Clines

4.93 Rank Score: 7.19 from 14 reviews, 8 featured collections, and 19 user libraries
Job 1–20
Pages 624
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Published 1/1/1989
ISBN-13 9780849902161
Job 21–37
Pages 560
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Published 1/1/2006
ISBN-13 9780849902178
Job 38–42
Pages 480 pages
Publisher Thomas Nelson
Published 11/26/2009
ISBN-13 9780785252672


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Clines’s writings on Job are acclaimed for their comprehensive scope and attention to detail. He toggles expertly between the minutiae (verse-by-verse exposition, linguistic and textual issues) and the big picture of Job (literary and theological analysis). Clines’s work is thorough and extensive, but it retains an engaging and lively tone throughout. [Full Review]
This is the major, comprehensive commentary on Job. While I often dissent from Clines’s interpretations of specific passages, his treatment of the Hebrew text of Job is indispensable for serious study of the book. [Full Review]
Fernando Fernando September 27, 2020
If nothing else, read Clines’s “Explanation” sections for a profound theological response to the book.
G Ware G Ware May 27, 2016
An outstandingly comprehensive introduction to the Book of Job and exegesis of ch. 1-20. The only issue I have with this volume is the Word biblical commentary format, which isn't user friendly at the best of times. In this case pages and pages of bibliography (even more than many other volumes in the series) interspersed throughout instead at the end of the book gets in the way. Parenthetical notations instead of footnotes makes finding the great stuff which is there difficult underneath the citations and data which should be in footnotes.
Tim Challies Tim Challies September 3, 2013
The experts all agree that Cline’s contributions to the WBC is the best available on Job. It spans three large volumes, so is not for the faint-of-heart. Derek Thomas says, “This is the most comprehensive commentary available. … Cline deserves to be read thoroughly, though there are times when he is irritatingly defensive on Christological implications in the ‘big texts’ in Job.” [Full Review]
John Glynn John Glynn September 20, 2008
Derek W. H. Thomas Derek W. H. Thomas September 19, 2008
This is the most comprehensive commentary on Job 1-20 available. Volumes 2 and 3 are still pending. Clines deserves to be read thoroughly, though there are times when he is irritatingly defensive on Christological implications in the 'big' texts in Job. For a summary, consult his commentary in the New Bible Commentary, 21st Century Edition, pp. 459-484.
As readers of this series of blog posts will know, I find the layout of the Word Biblical Commentaries a bit exasperating. However, some of the commentaries in the series are so good that it is worth the effort to deal with the poor editorial decisions of the publisher. Clines' commentary on Job is one of those works. Although it is not yet complete (the final volume will cover chapters 38-41 and include extensive indexes), this is the best commentary available on the book. Clines is one of those commentators who realizes the necessity of dealing not only with the minutiae of the text, but with the big picture as well. It is a more technical commentary, but those who take the time to work through it will be rewarded. Very highly recommended. [Full Review]
Remarkable study in its detail, with profound reflection on the implications of the rhetoric. [Full Review]