in Tyndale New Testament Commentaries

by Francis Foulkes

4.33 Rank Score: 4.79 from 3 reviews, 0 featured collections, and 16 user libraries
Pages 189
Publisher InterVarsity Press
Published 1989
ISBN-13 9780830829897


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bigcat bigcat February 5, 2021
An extremely knowledgeable professor writing 200 pages on a 10 page letter while trying to keep the level introductory is in a difficult position. Several of the Tyndale commentaries on Paul's shorter letters fall into this category and most come across as workmanlike and worth reading if they are already in your library. With a new commentary replacing this one in the Tyndale series, it is difficult to recommend searching this one out. Here the introduction is interesting for its thoughts on the Pauline authorship of the letter. The commentary is a bit deeper on the Greek and more academic than some of the previous commentaries. There are a number of fine thoughts on Ephesians, but mostly standard comments.
JD JD August 5, 2015
Not as detailed as O'Brien or Hoehner, but for what it is (a brief devotional commentary), this book is a great resource. Foulkes has covered quite a bit of information into a small volume. Very accessible.