1 Peter
1 Peter

1 Peter

in Two Horizons New Testament Commentary

by Joel B. Green

4.53 Rank Score: 5.15 from 3 reviews, 2 featured collections, and 6 user libraries
Pages 331
Publisher Eerdmans
Published 2007
ISBN-13 9780802825537


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Scot McKnight Scot McKnight December 18, 2009
This is an important book, not principally for its commentary on 1 Peter, although the commentary itself is a highly competent piece of work that will prove helpful to anyone who consults it. Rather, it is significant for its way of integrating an understanding obtained by a study of 1 Peter into an understanding of the relation of Christian Scripture, Old and New Testaments, and into the Christian theological enterprise. As such, it is a parade example of the stated intention of the commentary series of which it is a part. The book is divided into two major parts, a commentary in the usual sense—in this case paragraph by paragraph rather than verse by verse—and Theological Horizons, in which the theology of 1 Peter derived from the studies represented by the commentary is examined from several perspectives. A brief introduction to the letter as first-century literature set within the Roman Empire begins the volume, and it concludes with an extensive bibliography and several indices. Introductory matters (“Orientation”) are dealt with succinctly. [Full Review]