in NIV Application Commentary

by Michael J. Wilkins

4.85 Rank Score: 5.73 from 4 reviews, 3 featured collections, and 13 user libraries
Pages 1008
Publisher Zondervan
Published 2004
ISBN-13 9780310493105


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Fred Sanders Fred Sanders May 28, 2011
I went to Wilkins last of all, to make sure I had my head on straight and was taking the right overall message to the class. If he had identified the main thrust of a passage as lying somewhere different from where I was planning to take the class, I stopped in my tracks and reconsidered. I also swiped a lot of his ideas about practical application. [Full Review]
dr. tom dr. tom July 19, 2009
I am preaching through Matthew and have extensively used a number of commentaries. Most of the time Wilkins' commentary is one of the first I go to, but like Keener some sections are oddly unuseful. At 1000 pages, he had to limit his material. His way of doing so was to cover large sections on Scripture at one time. Overall the NIVAC format is excellent, but not when covering large sections of text; however, this is a very practical commentary for preachers.