in NIV Application Commentary

by John H. Walton

5 Rank Score: 5.4 from 4 reviews, 1 featured collections, and 7 user libraries
Pages 480
Publisher Zondervan
Published 9/21/2012
ISBN-13 9780310214427


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Like many of the commentaries in this series, Walton’s writing toggles expertly between the Job’s Ancient Near Eastern context and the theological significance of the text. A helpful introduction for all readers but also rewarding for those who wish to dive deeper. [Full Review]
G Ware G Ware March 11, 2016
Walton's expertise with ANE literature makes his an ideal contributor for the NIVAC series on Job. The complexities of this text's origins, relation to other similar literature, and its place in the canon make Job a book where tangents become tempting, and for the average church-goer much of that background is unknown. Walton is able to provide the necessary contextual elements to make the original meaning and purpose of the text clear, without getting bogged down and setting aside the goals of the NIVAC. This is an outstanding option for pastors and folks leading bible studies. Of all the OT volumes of the NIVAC I own, this may be my favourite (alongside Exodus by Peter Enns).
John Glynn John Glynn September 20, 2008