Leviticus, Numbers
Leviticus, Numbers

Leviticus, Numbers

in Understanding the Bible Old Testament

by William H. Bellinger, Jr.

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Pages 370
Publisher Hendrickson
Published 1/1/2001
ISBN-13 9781565632134


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R. Hansen R. Hansen August 25, 2009
This is a shorter commentary concerned mostly with just explaining the text. It is clear and easy to understand. It is a good contribution to the series it is in. Though his explanation of the texts is good, I think this commentary would have been helped by having some longer discussions of some of the larger issues and questions that come up. One will also not find a lot of devotional insights here.
W.H. Bellinger's NIBC (2001) also includes Leviticus. This series is very brief and very readable, but Bellinger's scholarship is not skimpy. We just don't see all that goes into the reasoning for his conclusions. The series has a running exposition, with a few notes at the end of each section for more detailed text-critical, translation, and other more technical notes. These are usually very selectively chosen, since little room is reserved in this series for technical issues. [Full Review]
William H. Bellinger's NIBC (2001) is a lighter commentary from a moderate Baptist, with a more critical perspective on authorship and dating and a more conservative theological reading of the content of the book's final form. New Testament connections sometimes make an appearance. The commentary also includes Numbers. [Full Review]