1 and 2 Chronicles: A Mentor Commentary
1 and 2 Chronicles: A Mentor Commentary

1 and 2 Chronicles: A Mentor Commentary

in Mentor Commentaries

by Richard L. Pratt Jr.

4.64 Rank Score: 5.28 from 7 reviews, 1 featured collections, and 4 user libraries
Pages 736
Publisher Mentor
Published 1/1/2006
ISBN-13 9781845501440


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This is a highly recommended resource for anyone interested in the theological implications of these historical books. Pratt explores the historical and theological significance of Chronicles not only for its original hearers but also in the context of the whole Bible. [Full Review]
BrianCollins BrianCollins January 26, 2024
Pratt's commentary does a good job documenting the structure of Chronicles, including detailed treatments of the structure of each section, and tracking the similarities and differences between Chronicles and parallels material in books like Kings. He is attentive to the theological significance of the text. He will briefly bring in more technical exegetical discussions where needed. This is the first commentary I turn to on Chronicles. [Full Review]
Tim Challies Tim Challies July 22, 2013
Tremper Longman writes Baker’s Old Testament Commentary Survey, one of the primary references for commentaries. Strangely, he does not review any of the series by some smaller publishers like Christian Focus; this is a shame because they come highly recommended by many other experts. Several of those other experts commend Pratt’s work and elevate it to the first position. Derek Thomas says tersely, “Excellent! Keeps the theology of the text central. Identifies 28 major biblical-theolgical motifs.” [Full Review]
Jim Rosscup Jim Rosscup September 20, 2008
Derek W. H. Thomas Derek W. H. Thomas September 19, 2008
Excellent! Keeps the theology of the text central. Identifies 28-major biblical-theological motifs.
Pratt's commentary on 1 & 2 Chronicles is distinctive in that it concerns itself primarily with the theological aspects of the books. For those who have had difficulty understanding the relevance and significance of Chronicles, this will be a good place to start. It is an intermediate level commentary that should be of use to laymen, pastors, and scholars. [Full Review]