2 Peter & Jude
2 Peter & Jude

2 Peter & Jude

in IVP New Testament Commentary

by Robert Harvey and Philip H. Towner

3.5 Rank Score: 3.62 from 2 reviews, 0 featured collections, and 4 user libraries
Publisher InterVarsity Press
Published 2005
ISBN-13 9780830818181


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BRathbun BRathbun May 8, 2021
Towner-Jude: Pleasantly surprised by this one. Clear introductory piece. Most emphasized the most important idea I learned from this reading of Jude, that is, its missional aspect. Towner's closing comment on verse 23: "Jude reveals the secret that is surely most in need of discovery throughout the church today: that Christians must find the way to be the presence of the suffering and forgiving Christ in the church and in the world far before they don the robes of the judging Lord of the eschaton."
G Ware G Ware July 11, 2018
Not bad for an intro commentary, but not great.