in IVP New Testament Commentary

by Craig S. Keener

4.5 Rank Score: 5.54 from 6 reviews, 3 featured collections, and 11 user libraries
Pages 444
Publisher InterVarsity Press
Published 1/1/1997
ISBN-13 9780830818013


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Robert M. Bowman Jr. Robert M. Bowman Jr. December 11, 2016
Most thorough treatment of Matthew’s cultural context, with numerous citations to background literature from both Jewish and Greco-Roman sources. [Full Review]
G Ware G Ware March 6, 2015
Good for what it is. It's not meant to be comprehensive. Won't blow your mind, but will give you decent introductory level understanding of Matthew's Gospel. As with all of Keener's work, historical context is an important focus.