in Interpretation

by Fred B. Craddock

3.5 Rank Score: 3.7 from 2 reviews, 1 featured collections, and 3 user libraries
Pages 298
Publisher Westminster John Knox
Published 1990
ISBN-13 9780804231237


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A.E. Carnehl A.E. Carnehl July 30, 2015
Like Sloyan's John commentary in the Interpretation series, this work by the eminent preacher and teacher Fred Craddock frequently serves as a mere summary of the text rather than an interaction with it. I found it to be of very limited use in my preparation for preaching or teaching Luke.
Robert McIntyre Robert McIntyre April 25, 2013
I enjoyed this commentary. I enjoy his style of teaching in the commentary. He instructs as well as provides insight into the book of Luke. He gives context and offers suggestions on why they were written. He refers you to other materials, encouraging you to research topics that you are not familiar with or that you may “think” you know. He cross references you to other sections of the commentary to review before starting to study a passage.