in Interpretation

by Terence E. Fretheim

4.9 Rank Score: 5.52 from 5 reviews, 2 featured collections, and 8 user libraries
Pages 321
Publisher Westminster John Knox Press
Published 1991
ISBN-13 9780804231022


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Warren Truesdale Warren Truesdale June 9, 2018
An outstanding theological commentary on Exodus that is intimately tied to the text. This is the commentary that I learned the most from. I would have this commentary as ‘number 1’ on the list if it was longer (only 350 pages) and had a little more discussion of the Hebrew text, but it’s still a must for studying Exodus... [Full Review]
Princeton Seminary Princeton Seminary December 4, 2017
Good theological commentaries include Walter Brueggemann, “Exodus” in The New Interpreter’s Bible, Volume 1 (Abingdon, 1994) and Terence Fretheim, Exodus, Interpretation (Westminster John Knox, 1991).
Daniel Duvall Daniel Duvall May 31, 2014
Brilliant in its purpose. This is the first time I had read anything of Fretheim's. I don't always agree with him, but he constantly makes me think generally yet deeply which is what I treasure most in a commentary.
R. Hansen R. Hansen September 2, 2008
Fretheim's commentary is not only good, it ranks as one of the best commentaries on the Old Testament that I own. Though no doubt many will struggle with its “openness theology” perspective, it should not be neglected. I found this a commentary not just good to consult, but it could be read through from cover to cover. Great literary and theological insights. Great at application.