Luke 1: 1–9:50
Luke 1: 1–9:50

Luke 1: 1–9:50

in Hermeneia

by Fran├žois Bovon

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Pages 480
Publisher Fortress Press
Published 1/1/2003
ISBN-13 9780800660444
This is the first of a three-volume commentary on the Gospel of Luke, covering the birth narratives through the Galilean ministry of Jesus. The introduction covers the text-critical questions of the Gospel, as well as its canonization, language, structure, origin, and theological profile. Bovon argues that Luke is not a direct student of Paul, but represents a specific form of the Pauline school in the third generation of the churches. The author also treats how the Gospel was used in later generations: writers from the early church, the Middle Ages, and the Reformation. He includes excursuses on "The Virgin Birth and the History of Religions," "The Devil," "The Word of God," and "Forgiveness of Sins."


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